Gabriel Le Mar – Among Trees I Want to Live (CD)


Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
Format: CD
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Release Date: 2018-05-08

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Created in the studio, but all tracks carry the essence of being among trees. And just like the lives of trees, the album is full of mystery.
With a wide range of deep groovin’ tunes and shades of Dub, “Among Trees I Want To Live” ranges from electro-acoustic sounds to meditative patterns–this music exists somewhere in the landscapes you can listen and dance to.

The opening track “Regenerative” is a deep-ridin’ tune driven by its deep mood and catchy guitar riffs while “Imagination Creates” hypnotically moves through dub chord-driven spaces and unfolds its moving in depth groove. “The Living Green” takes us on a trip into melodic synth patterns that find their counterpart in the electric pad like guitars. “Wisdom of Resistance” carries echoes through the magic mystical forest in an epic but deep and patient arrangement while “Electric Leaves” is tripping through a mysteriously harmonic soundspace. “Days In The Tree” follows the same path continuing that special atmosphere dipped with Indian sounds which leads to “Network Of Life”–a smooth moving Tech track that Gabriel Le Mar created in collaboration together with young new artist Joey K. “Outside Of Time” rounds out the album with a smooth deep shuffling beat an intense synth and e-bow touched singing guitar moods.

Sounds that don’t exist in nature, but they create an atmosphere of tender closeness to the trees.


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