Cravagoide – Arborea (CD)


Artist: Cravagoide
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Format: CD

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Making their debut on Carpe Sonum is the Italian duo known as Cravagoide, who insist on making some genuinely earthy IDM-inflected elixirs that spill down the gullet like dandelion wine. Featuring the rhythmic crunch so beloved of early genre mainstays like Boards of Canada, Bitcrush, Tim Koch, and many others, Cravagoide bathe in vast oceans of synth warble and mid-tempo percussive tableau that shift with great ease and much joie de vivre. It is a warm, engaging sound to lay back and watch breezes sketch elaborate traceries in the cumulus above, opening doors to the imagination through which you are beckoned into. A buoyancy abounds hereabouts that makes the entire enterprise infectious as hell. “Low Ridge Haven” recalls some of the gentle playfulness of Nobukazu Takemura as it intersects with some of the old Childisc crew, while “Pentatonic” moves on a happytime motorik pulse so squeaky it could urge Mouse on Mars to dance a jig or two. Right now, it feels good to have the likes of Cravagoide nipping at out heels—their bubbly touch of effervescence is the ideal tonic for these prickly times.


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