Initial Programs – Are We Programmed? (CD)


Artist: Initial Programs
Label: Before and After Silence
Format: CD

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The alias “Initial Programs” is a Mick Chillage project and was born in late 2016 after creating a track where all the sounds were created from scratch, basically from the default Initialised program setting of my Mopho X4 synth along with my MS20 mini etc.

The track I created appeared to have a lot of my electronic music genre influences, Techno, Electro, touches of the IDM movement, Ambient, Acid, so I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be an interesting project to create a release that brings together as many of my influences as possible by merging them into each track.

In 2017 I had finished the first EP and this was released through First Cut on 12″ vinyl in early 2018 and was very well received from many well known Techno & Electro DJ’s and producers. This kept the momentum going to hopefully create an albums worth of material.

So over the last few years I continued randomly producing works with this alias in mind with the hope of producing a full length album and by early 2022 I began selecting tracks to make a coherent album.

August 2023 finally sees the release “Are We Programmed” a twelve track album that features the three tracks from the EP for First time on CD and nine new previously unreleased works.


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