Gabriel Le Mar – Berlin Guitar (CD)


Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Format: CD

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I found my old guitar, which I played up and down in my Berlin time as a kid in the 70s. As a young artist in the 80s, and when we moved into the studios in the 90s. I met different bands and artists and got together to start something. The revolution in the East just ended. We danced to Acid House and digged into the Neo-Hippie vibes just came back from Goa/India and the most important thing for us had been the music and experiencing this together with inspired people. The music took us to very special places and we risked our ears in dark cellars.

When I started playing my Berlin guitar again, there was a feeling of returning to those emotional states and a desire to produce an album with the guitar to capture that special energy. I realized that I had taken a huge mountain of memories with me to rediscover Berlin in a new process. Music from memory, experimenting with different methods to let things out in a different way compared to what and how I did that before, fusing the past with the here and now. I flew towards my ideas, influenced by Post Punk, New Wave, Art- and Kraut Rock, Psychedelia, Post Disco and Techno.


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