Metamatics – Bodypop (CD)



Artist: Metamatics
Label: Neo Ouija
Format: CD

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Neo Ouija is back!

New tracks from Metamatics invoking the beautiful spirit of Lee Norris at his most rhythmically fluid.

After nearly 20 years of Metamatics, Bodypop leaps out and is almost cheekily fresh, firmly strident, fizzing with bubbles of acidic bass lines, lean voices, chattering, all the wheels inside of wheels. New, now, but equally timelessly mature, older and wiser.

This is Metamatics for long journeys, for being transported, deep into Moor Mist hurtling forwards on repeat full volume while diving down country lanes or paths, driving, riding, keeping pace with the elements as a storm breaks and passes, slow-motion sped up. Like us now we are older – slower and faster, the same, new. Now.


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