Atom Heart – Orange (CD)


Artist: Atom Heart
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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Atom Heart – Orange (monochrome stills) Recorded and released in 1994, this is certainly one of Atom Heart’s classic albums. It can clearly be located in Atom’s “ambient” period, that may be seen as the transition moment right in between his club oriented works (1990-1993) and the birth of his “rather interesting” label (1994). Without hesitation “Orange” can be classified as an “ambient” album in the most traditional sense, even though, like always, Atom had given it a slight twist, which made it simply a bit different from what was out there in 1994 (and probably therefor makes it an album that is still worth listening to nowadays). That said, Fax Records, which released the album back in 1994, decided to release this limited edition re-issue on AW. Atom himself remastered the album just recently which makes an even better soundtrack of today. “Orange” contains 5 tracks, all of them, except for “Rainecho”, can be described as slowly moving, repetitive, abstract textures and within themselves contain different sections or “scenes”. While some tracks carry either a neutral or positive feeling (“One Atomsecond”) others (“Ode to BG”) are rather dark, slightly hostile compositions that remain us of Atom’s “industrial” period for example. “Rainecho” then, is the only rhythmical track on this album which perfectly fits within the previously described abstract worlds of “Orange” and just gives the entire album the right flow.


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