Sven Kössler & Si Matthews – Bridges to Sechura (CD)


Artist: Sven Kössler & Si Matthews
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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Why would anyone build bridges in a Peruvian desert? No doubt this is the first question that comes to mind when encountering “Bridges to Sechura.”

Rest assured, this is not about structures made of metal and stone. The bridges stand here as an allegory, as a metaphor of connection, of bringing together and overcoming barriers.
An important theme, especially in our times, which is also symbolic of the collaboration between the two artists who, even though they are nearly 1000 km apart, have been regularly merging into an acoustic unit for many years.

As in their debut album “A Constant State of Flow”, Sven and Simon once again take us on an imaginary journey to distant horizons–dreamy and enraptured in gentle synthesizer sounds, but also punctuated and grounded by rhythm-focused drums and well-placed acid lines.

We wish you a wonderful journey!


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