Various Artists – Carpilation (2CD)



Artist: Various Artists
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: 2CD

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2-CD mixed collection of Carpe Sonum tracks

CD 1
Autrax – Perle
2xirtam – Tidal Positions
Off Land – Redshift
Moss Garden – A Call To Prayers
Specta Ciera & Arbee – Forest Floor
Mick Chillage – Solitude (excerpt)
Ethernet – Arcana
Autumn of Communion – Leaving Island
Solipsism – Planes of Existence
Si Matthews – Sync Polarity
Aythar – Moon Landing
David Morley – Re-Volution

Thomas P. Heckmann – Introspective Two/Ode to a Friend
Dividenthal & Aumgn – Vackar
Sven Kössler – Kibo (excerpt)
Gapfield – Built From Amber
Deviazioni Cosmiche – Like Glass
Airwaves – Sunset Mists Distant Peaks
Nseven – Ambiesiac (Ambidextrous Remix)
Yamaoka – Duet
Lorenzo Montanà – Bloom
Krystian Shek – Sometimes Not
Lee Anthony Norris and Porya Hatami – Moon
Saafi Brothers – Multiverse


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