Aythar – Cosmic Resonances (CD)



Artist: Aythar
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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Hungarian electronic musician Aythar doesn’t mess around. He seems to have directly engaged, tuned in, and plugged into the very molecules of gigantic interstellar tuning forks. Through his many-colored, shifting tapestries of ear-popping synthetic textures realized from an enviable collection of prime keyboards and thoroughly charged-up modules, the sumptuous expanse of Cosmic Resonances provides the listener with more than just a mere glimpse into Aythar’s macrouniversal soundworlds. Unlike others who are content to cycle their drones on endless repeat, bereft of purpose, navigation, or destination, here the artist revels in the sheer glory of beautifully wrought electronic arias that pinch the ear, alter course, tweak frequencies, and chart numerous surprises. The opening “Universe” is but one taut example, but later pieces such as the riveting masterblaster sequencer affect of “Glowing Comet” propel you out amongst the galaxies’ turbulent movements, where gravity ceases and various celestial bodies dance and play. Kinda awe-inspiring and fairly godlike, in the best sense of the word.

“This is my dreamlike journey in the embrace of the universe. This journey takes place in our inner world through imagination and leads us to the perfect relaxation. Anything can happen in this existence. Anything that we would like to do or imagine can be reversed. We can expand space, stop time and even reverse the melting of an icicle.”


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