Middlemarch – The Mirror and the Light (CD)


Artist: Middlemarch
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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Track 01 and originals of 02–12 written, produced and performed by Dimitris Avramidis and Ross Baker, released on the album Wolf Hall (Time Released Sound / 2014).

Track 02 Remixed by EMS : Piano. Engineered by Yage at 9LW.
Track 03 Reconstructed by Off Land, 2014.
Track 04 Mulched through cubus
Track 05 Written, recorded and produced by Maps and Diagrams at Roadmap Studios.
Track 06 Tegh rework
Track 07 Remixed by Mick Chillage
Track 08 Remixed by Rezo Glonti
Track 09 Remixed by Zinovia.
Track 10 Remixed by Darren McClure
Track 11 Remixed by Nick Zavriev for Ambidextrous.
Track 12 Remixed by Neotropic.


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