Lorenzo Montanà/Mick Chillage – Deviazioni Cosmiche (CD)



Artist: Lorenzo Montanà, Mick Chillage
Label: Carpe Sonum
Format: CD

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Lorenzo Montanà and Mick Chilllage are practically veterans across electronica’s many-splendored plains these days, as both artists have been virtually inescapable these past few years. Both FAX alumni, with additional releases scattered across a worldwide range of labels, it was almost inevitable that the two should someday join forces. Deviazioni Cosmiche is the result–eight tracks of gripping, lovely starcrush and void descent, where both artists seamlessly merge their diverse intelligentsia to yield a powerful tour de force of synth structure.

Since each musician’s back catalog has painted vivid pictures of brusque environments and alien topographies, this collaboration is no different, but what makes it a crowning achievement in their respective pantheons is the sheer dazzling display of sounds on hand. From the post-Vangelis be-bop of “Vinctos Temporis” to the spectral misty mountain climes of “Microsopic+Mechanisms+Moon”, the end result is a wonder to behold, full of towering peaks and abyssal valleys, hesitant percolations and demonstrative beatstorms. Begging for repeated listenings and multiple exposures, this one might well go down as a future classic of its form.


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