Dr. Motte/Gabriel Le Mar – Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar (CD)


Artist: Dr. Motte, Gabriel Le Mar
Label: Fax
Format: CD

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During his studies in Berlin in summer 1990 Gabriel heard about a street demo called loveparade and joined this crazy gathering dancing in the streets… Years later he met Dr. Motte, originator, multiversal artist and inventor of the loveparade, and they took the decision to meet in studio for jams which took place in Frankfurt at Gab´s Lab, where they celebrated a creative clash that is manifested in the album’s seven tracks. The result is a trip on the dancefloor with deep, floating grooves and predominantly 4-2-4 beats on the first four tracks, while the last three tracks become an after hours party filled with deep, energetic, beatless grooves with a dubby atmosphere. At the beginning, Dr. Motte introduced Gabriel to another special method of producing music, using a tonal scale that is based on the frequencies of the rotating planets from our solar system, because the rotation of the planets differ from each other along with gravitational principles. For each track, they tuned their musical equipment to the corresponding planetary frequency of one of the planets in our solar system. The earth’s tuning, for example, is the 435.92 Hz ‘G’ tone.


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