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Artist: Aythar
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Aythar released his debut CD Astronautica on Carpe Sonum in March 2016 and was critically acclaimed by the ambient community as one of the best releases this year.

Dream of Stars album teaser https://soundcloud.com/txt-3/aythar-dream-of-stars-album-preview

“While creating my music I try to act as a cosmic channel the energy flows through me and manifests itself in my creations. Typically I just improvise and the separate pieces of the composition almost imperceptibly develop and eventually come together to form a single unit. I believe that my cosmic sounds carry the resonance of the Universe and the whispering of the distant stars.

This is an improvised, experimental music, which is composed by the creative spirit, a strange intuition guided by the author from his inner most being, perhaps even from his subconscious!

These certain inspired and unexplained moments convey my feelings and moods through the emerging musical notes like some flow of energy through a channel. Just like a musical mandala: an unrepeatable improvisation!

Each piece is an instinctive impression of a universal moment and the flash of feelings are the mapping of infinite universes oceans of stars to the mysterious internal dimensions of musical notes.

The origins are sought across the infinite universe but lies in our innermost being. While listening to the very special cosmic world of sounds, I find myself in distant galaxies, taking over the vibrations of the Universe’s planets and star systems, while almost feeling the great mystical entity, where we resonate with all creation! A truly amazing spiritual experience! Listening with closed eyes is even more special, because not only we feel, but we see what the vibrations that the music is conveying!”


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