Arovane – dwell_tevvel_structure (CD)


Artist: Arovane
Label: ...txt
Format: CD

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Long time friend and German master of sound Uwe Zahn releases this beautiful Arovane album on …txt. Uwe describes dwell tevvel structure: My goal was to use this techniques to build up musical structures and to go deep into particles of sound. My experimentation and research led me to drone structures, clouds of resonating tones and dense, complex spectres. For this album I’ve created a couple of so called ‘structures’, 20-40 minute audio tracks using granular synthesis technique. I arrange the structures in a larger composition. I took audio samples out of it to granulize again and repeat this process to achieve a microscopic level of sound.

Arovane has released his previous albums on City Centre Offices, DIN and Vertical Form. He is currently working on albums with our dear friend Porya Hatami and Nacht Plank. Buy into this beautiful and haunting sound and you won’t be disappointed. Limited to 150 glass mastered CDs.


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