Coil – Love’s Secret Domain (30th Anniversary Edition) (CD)


Artist: Coil
Label: Wax Trax
Format: CD

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Legendary Chicago label Wax Trax! is re-releasing Love’s Secret Domain in single and double vinyl editions (each edition is available in your choice of black vinyl or colored vinyl). The CD is also being re-released.

The deluxe edition of the vinyl consists of two LPs with all thirteen tracks from the CD edition.

1991 was a transition year in the format wars, and the CD release of Love’s Secret Domain utilized the longer running time of the format to offer 13 tracks instead of 9. For our Deluxe Edition we’ve split these full tracks across 2 LP’s in a completely separate pressing that features the expanded 13 tracks.

Remastered by Josh Bonati from original source materials, the Deluxe Edition includes a booklet with liner notes from Drew Daniel (Matmos) and quotes from Stephen Thrower, Rose McDowall, Steven Stapleton, Charles Hayward, Billy McGee, Marc Almond, Andy Wombwell and Annie Bandez.

Like the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition will be available in both Black and a color variant but the expanded 2LP set will not be repressed after this run. When they’re gone, they’re gone.


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