Chaircrusher – Sinedub & Other Numbers (CD)


Artist: Chaircrusher
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum
Format: CD

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Who is Chaircrusher and what does he want? Apparently he’s a dude named Kent Williams and he runs a ‘banging techno’ label called Cornwarning straight outta the fields of Iowa. Not exactly the cultural hotbed for electronica in the US of A, but, hey, stranger things have happened, right? Sonically though, all evidence on hand suggests that Chaircrusher’s first full-length release is going to change the profile of his homestate in a big way. Williams has no doubt fed himself a steady diet of all the rough ’n’ tumble IDM, electronica, and techno hybrids of the last few decades (Atom Heart, Norken, Bochum Welt, Lagowski, Bigeneric, et al), shoved ‘em all in the biggest cuisinart he could find, and poured the ear-popping, tone-stretched, body-warping results right into our wanting ears. It’s all a grand, glorious, gelatinous mass of expert knob twiddling, full of much in the way of low-end bass surge, will o’ the wisp synths curdling into space, rhythms that hiss and spit the colors of burnt sienna, and an energy quotient arising from an orgy of silicon swackdaddies getting down in the digital dust. If Pete Namlook prided himself on forging the ultimate strain of environmental mood alterers, the furniture music of Chaircrusher would be PA-ing its way like a psychedelic scythe through the disco lounge. Git yer bad moonboots on.


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