Irislight – Primordial Soleus Beam (CD)



Artist: Irislight
Format: CD
Label: Anodize

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Irislight is the nom de disque of Adam Sykes, former owner/operator of the label of the same name from 1996-2007. Iris Light stood out from the UK ‘electronica’ scenes of the time by defying categorization and fickle trends, instead priding itself as an issuer of random access datastreams by the likes of Aube, Penumbra, Blue, and Maeror Tri, amongst many others.

Now reclaiming the label name as his newest alter-ego, Sykes premiers a single, longform work of edgy ambient moods, mindstates, and malcontents. It’s obvious to us that the choice of Irislight as Sykes’s recording entity illustrates something quite special indeed, and hopefully a reincarnation that will bear further fruit. “Twilight” ambient through which shards of light occasionally peek through, littered with spectral background industrial pulses brushed by metallic winds, this is a captivating work whose charm works it way sinuously up the spine, into the frontal lobe, and lodges in memory.


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