Autumn of Communion – Broken Apart by Echoes (CD)


Artist: Autumn of Communion
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Format: CD

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In 2016 Autumn Of communion started work on “Broken Apart By Moonlight” A boxset that comprised of 5 mini CD’s, each CD had one ambient peace spanning 22 minutes, the maximum running time for the mini CD’s.

During these sessions a total of seven pieces where composed and Lee and Mick had the difficult decision of what tracks went on the boxset. The two orphaned tracks luckily found a home on the Nagual 2 USB album collection as “Broken Apart By Echoes” and for those that missed the collection a digital download was made available through bandcamp.

Its now early Autumn 2016 and as work on the 5 CD boxset of “Broken Apart By moonlight” almost comes to a close. Autumn Of Communion have been overflowing with inspiration and ideas and have created an additional piece. Now it only seems fitting to release a limited CD version of Broken Apart By Echoes” with three tracks! Clocking in at close to 70 minutes this should delight those who have requested a CD version.


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